Revit Survey Specification

It is essential when purchasing a Revit model that all parties involved know what to expect upon completion. Our Specification can help with that.

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Our Revit Specification Survey form

You may have heard of the LOD (Level of Detail) scale, we have come to the conclusion that this doesn’t lend itself very well when producing the existing phase of a Revit project. Hence, we have defined all elements that would be included in a standard measured building survey and allow each building element to be individually specified in terms of level of detail and accuracy tolerance.

This simple form takes around 15 minutes and once completed the respondent will receive an email with an automatically produced pdf tender document that can be used alongside a project brief defining exactly what is required from the Revit survey model. The document is very lightweight (only 3-4 pages) and is easy to understand and covers all major aspects and a fair few less thought of concerns.

The form is completely free to use so please feel free to distribute and share your PDF for use within the project documents. If you have any comments or feedback, or would like us to provide pricing for your project to meet the specification. Please feel free to contact us.

The button below will open up the form in a new window:

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Example Final Document

These are example pages of the final document produced from completing the specification form. The result can then be included as part of a tender request. They specify the level of detail required of the end Revit Project produced from point cloud data, for our own building.

PDF Example Download
SolidPoint Specification sheet