Cotton Mills

In March 2022 SolidPoint was in Nottingham surveying Cotton Mills. Cotton Mills is currently being used as student accommodation for students that study in the city.

The scope

Whilst surveying the live building there were students that were studying, resting, cooking food and sleeping. This quickly became an obstacle that we had to be polite and work around people’s needs that lived there.

Scanning the building

We use a Faro Focus 3D X 130 and a Faro Focus x 330 that both have the function of a quiet mode where it doesn’t make any noise that would disturb anyone that were studying. We were able to quickly and quietly move from room without becoming too much of a distraction. Approximately 294 Scans were collected per day which meant that we could capture the required areas of the building in the short period of 5 working days. To verify the leveling and accuracy of the scan data, we shoot targets with a total station on site that are tied back into the scan data after it is registered. This ensures that the point cloud produced from the scan data is to a tolerance we are happy with and adds redundancy to the information we collect. The point cloud was also positioned to OS coordinates using a GPS that we tied back into the total station positions.

Project Difficulties

Due to a tight time frame we used BIM 360 so that we could have multiple team members working on the same file at the same time that we delegated team members to work on certain areas to eliminate duplicate work. 

Every project throws us different curveballs that require us to adapt, change, and improve our methodology on how we produce our models. Our aim is to provide our client with a clean, easy to understand survey so that all the information that they require is easily accessible.


Our talented surveyors are adept at using Revit and proficient in packing useful information into our survey models. Our client is happy with the final result, so we are too.


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