5th Avenue Nightclub – Measured Building Survey

5th Avenue NightClub in Laxton Square in Peterborough has been Vacant since 2002. The building was constructed in 1873 and was previously used as the County Court.

The scope

Given the building’s History, the new owners wanted to commission a detailed and accurate measured building survey of the property to help understand the potential usable space of the currently open-plan layout.

Our team were contacted to carry out a full laser scan survey of the property to produce a point cloud, along with constructing a fully intelligent Revit Survey through analysis of the point cloud data.

The team

  • Portrait Peter Hooley Senior Revit Technician

An Accurate and Reliable Point Cloud

Thanks to the Workflows we have developed, we were able to fully survey the building inside and out in just 1 day. Collecting 237 laser scan positions throughout the building. Although this building was unoccupied, our team still like to keep up the practice of rapidly capturing environments. Meaning, that if it becomes necessary to survey a live occupied space we can do so with very little disruption to the client or their tenants.

To ensure we have reliable and accurate point cloud data to work with, we deploy redundancy methods of survey control. Targets are strategically placed and captured by both a total station and the 3D laser scanner, to check the alignment accuracy of all scan positions. We accept nothing less than a tolerance of +/-5mm across the entire point cloud. This allows the completion of any further analysis, knowing we can rely on the base information. This project was no exception with the redundancy survey being on average 3.2mm from the nearest point to the centre of the targets in the point cloud data.

Night club Revit

Point Cloud to BIM

Having a reliable Point Cloud enables our team to manually reverse engineering the building using Autodesk Revit by accurately tracing the point cloud. By precisely carving sections through the data and by applying the experience of Architecture, our team can digitally reproduce every element of the building.

5th Avenue Nightclub took our team approximately 2 weeks to produce the completed BIM-Ready project. By BIM-Ready we mean that we reproduce the existing Phase of the project, ensuring every element is intelligent, correctly categorised and can be controlled parametrically.

Extracting Tradition 2D Drawings from a 3D Model

As with every project, we believe in handing over traditional information in line with a 3D Revit Project, this would usually consist of 2D Plans, Sections and Elevations. As the 3D Revit Project is already produced, extracting 2D information is not only easy, but it is consistent. Every section cut, or elevation projected matches and is updated by the 3D model perfectly.

Nightclub Revit Sheets

A BIM is for Life

To conclude, our client’s design team can now concentrate on the designs for the building rather than having to consider reconstructing the existing. This initially saves them a lot of time and cost. They can be sure that the data they are working with is reliable which will heavily reduce any waste through construction, reducing the risk of any unexpected costs.

This is another prime example of how a building can benefit from a scan to BIM workflow, what has been produced will be the foundations of a Building Information Model (BIM) that will improve the functionality of the building and last as long as the building itself.