Point cloud reality capture is currently the most efficient and accurate way of surveying an environment. By capturing Billions of measurements in a short amount of time to mm accuracy we are able to ensure that the survey data we collect is not only reliable but serves many more benefits and uses to what traditional surveys would provide

We don't believe in just sending out a laser scanner to companies who require accurate laser scanning, we ensure that we provide a competent, experienced operator who will make sure the data you require is collected and accurate alignment of scan data is possible. We have decided to publish fixed free pricing to show you that laser scanning can be affordable and offer much more value than traditional surveying.

600x600 Close up view of one of the scans at English Grounds one fifth resolution
Laser Scanning Surveyor

SolidPoint are able to provide the existing phase of a Building Information Model or BIM. We achieve this through direct analysis of the Point Cloud data we collect, by manually interrogating the data we produce all of the building components fitting them to the point cloud within Revit to an agreed tolerance. We are able to provide any level of detail from simple Massing to mm accurate profiles and detailing for conservation purposes.


As part of new Government legislations, contractors now have to prove how complete/correct an as-constructed building is when compared with the BIM or 3D Digital Model. We provide scanning throughout various phases of the build. This scan data can be tied to the original survey control and imported directly into the BIM application being used. Doing so allows direct analysis of the Design and the real state of the building, providing proof for completeness or highlighting error in the build.

Measured airport survey using point clouds and Revit Model to check as-built drawing data