Scan to BIM – Our Architectural Revit Model of NHS Hospital

The NHS trust has issued need for refurbishment in a UK hospital. Working for Skanska we have been asked to collect and supply above ceiling scan data of existing services as well as a 3D Revit architectural model of the surrounding areas. Scan to BIM is a method of surveying that is becoming increasingly popular and more importantly affordable. Our involvement with Scan to BIM with this project is to capture and produce a point cloud from laser scanning; in addition to modeling a BIM ready architectural model that can be used for planning and design.

This Scan to BIM model kept to our standard of +/-15mm but with how well the building is constructed it was much easier to model at an even higher accuracy. It was important to get the architectural model as accurate as possible so that when the services are modeled, the services do not clash and every duct, pipe and cable tray can be installed without hassle. The services will be modeled by NJH CAD Services Ltd, a company that also works closely with Skanska and using our scan data provides an excellent, professional MEP modeling service.

Splash Sheet Preview

The above image shows a splash sheet from the project that when printed is a simple view of all relevant project information and creates a nice cover sheet for the rest of the views relevant to the project. The other images are examples of 3D views of scan data and the model, our deliverables to NJH CAD Ltd. A slice of the scan data shows the positions of the services running through the ceiling voids. This model took approximately 2 days to model and was scanned during the evenings. We were asked to work the evening/late shifts when scanning this area as not to disturb the day time patients and general activities that run throughout the day.

It would have been ideal and far cheaper to have scanned the services before the ceiling was installed. This would have created a record of every service's position and would have been much easier/cost effective to record from a 3D laser scanning survey perspective. At the time this particular hospital was built, Scan to BIM was not cost-effective, so we hope this could be an option for future developments.

It is fantastic to receive repeated work from Skanska, collecting data from smaller areas that the trust needs to develop and refurbish.

Scan Data Example

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