Revit Modelling Services

At Solidpoint all of our technicians are extremely adept at using Revit for architectural purposes. Part of creating accurate existing phases of Revit projects from point cloud surveys means that we have to understand how to analyse a model well, control all of the building junctions and be able to create bespoke content to suit the building's style. To present our information we have to understand how to work with sheets, creating view templates and filters to show the correct intent to our clients and tagging all relevant assets.

Our clients have come to appreciate that we understand the modelling capabilities of Revit well and regularly ask us to help them at the design end of their projects, here are some of the Revit modelling services that we can help you with:

  • Feasibility Modelling - Simply provide us with a client Brief whether it be for a new extension or new build and we can quickly produce a number of design options to suit the cause. If you already have the perfect design sketched out, pass that to us and we'll bring it to life in a BIM ready Revit model.
  • Architectural Visualisation - Sometimes you need to express the design intent to the client, this can easily be achieved using stills or short video fly around. We can quickly achieve this from a Revit model or adding a little more animation using Showcase.
  • 2D CAD to 3D Revit Conversion - Simply pass us your 2D CAD drawings and we will accurately convert these to a Revit model. we can work to any level of detail including the governments minimum requirement for "BIM Level 2"
  • Revit Mark-ups - If you have recently gone through a design review of your model and have a fairly large revision that needs to be made but don't have the resources we can help with this, simply hand us your markups with the model and we can make and record the revisions for you.
  • Additional Revit Resources - All of our technicians have good experience using BIM 360, we have our own Revit and collaboration licenses which means we are able to jump straight into the working environment of your project and lend an extra hand or 2 to help you meet your deadlines. This could be to help you through some of the more monotonous tasks like working through reflected ceiling plans, or could even keep a project moving while your staff work on other tasks.
  • Revit Family Creation - As most Revit users will attest to, producing a fully flexible and intelligent family in Revit is a skill in it's own right. As part of our surveying tasks we have created thousands of bespoke parametric Revit families to match varying building styles. This means that whatever family you need it is pretty likely that we will be able to produce this for you and build in any intelligence you need.
  • Point Cloud to Revit Conversion - This is our specialism, sometimes known as Revit Surveys, eBIM surveys or a BIM survey model, please have a look at some of our blog posts and case studies to see more of what we do in depth.

Some of our Technicians have worked with Revit for over 10 years so pretty much know the majority of it's pitfalls and know how to get over or around the walls you run into. Please feel free to get in touch to find out how we can support your team with our highly skilled Revit technicians.