Point Cloud and 3D Revit Survey – Surbiton Prep School, Kingston, London


Recently we had been tasked to survey an extension of a private school and create a 3D revit model so that our clients could design and develop a further extension. It was a Friday when we were on-site and the school was occupied and live, so we were careful to not disrupt the function of the building.

We took our Faro X130 strategically around the building and collected 105 individual scans. After piecing together all the scans back in the office, we used the complete point cloud to model the building in 3D. From references of photographs and point cloud collected on the day, we added details that the client had expressed their need for. From the images below, we hope you agree that we've managed to achieve an accurate representation of the building, This can be confirmed by comparing the model to the scan data to show that we have modeled to match the dimensions of the physical building.


A photograph taken on the day of the south east elevation.

A render of our model from the rough position.


A photograph taken in the same position, east elevation.

Again, a render of our model in approximately the same position.

Revit Survey of Surbiton High School

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