Melbourne Central Tower, Point Cloud to Revit Model

SolidPoint have just completed the second phase Revit model of a project that we have been involved with since February 2017. We have modelled the majority of retail units and main lobby surrounding a high-rise building in the centre of Melbourne, Australia.


Land Surveys Ltd provided us with several point clouds which we used to create a BIM ready 3D Revit model that their client, the architects, can use to design and implement a renovation or repurposing of the building.

The most challenging part of this project was modelling the tessellating pyramidical glass roof structure. We modelled exterior sloped glazing that surround the main lobby area. Land Surveys modelled the space frame on the interior of the roof structure and supplied it to us to link it into the project.

Within the Revit model, it was required from us to model all of the visible services in the basement level. The basement area is approximately 3500m² and it took 12 days to model just the services to the level of detail that was required. Over the three floors that were surveyed we modelled over 9000m² of the basement, Lobby and 1st floor areas.


Land Surveys Ltd and their client were pleased with the model and the time frame in which we got it to them. It was a great project to be involved with, working internationally is very rewarding. We look forward to working with our colleagues on the other side of the planet in the future.


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