Condition Survey

It is often required that the condition of protected buildings or monuments are surveyed and recorded. We have found that he most accurate way to do this is through laser scanning. Not only can we get sub millimetre coverage of the subject but we can also automatically tie full colour RGB values to the data.

Utilising colour laser scanning it is possible to pick out the smallest defects in a building right down to cracks and mortar joint sizes. We can even increase the resolution of the scanner to capture finer details in harder to reach places.

The point cloud data can be viewed in a number of colour modes so if the lighting isn't very good to view in full colour it is easy to switch to intensity, normal, or elevation colour modes, doing so enables the user to view items that might not be completely clear in the mode they are working in.

We educate all of our clients in the use of Autodesk Recap which allows on-line collaboration of the laser scan data we collect. The project team can work on and view the data set independently and even mark up the data we collect by hyper linking photographs of defects, commenting directly on the 360 panoramic imagery we provide and even leaving measurements in the data to highlight areas of concern for others in the team.

We feel that Laser scanning is the future of condition reporting for conservation areas and listed buildings. Organisations such as English Heritage and Historic Scotland in the UK have already embraced the technology and will continue to utilise it whenever possible.


Example of Colour Laser scan data