Laser Scanning Surveys for Accurate Building Measurement

Surveys utilising laser scanners can capture environments by collecting millions of precise measurements in a matter of minutes. These measurements or vectors coordinates are then pieced together to form what is known as a "point cloud". A Laser scanning survey  is currently the most accurate and efficient form of reality capture, and by far obsoletes traditional surveying methods across a broad range of construction design needs. We have developed various methodologies to streamline the way the data is collected and how it is processed. Due to the efficient workflows we've developed, we can be extremely competitive as our on site time is heavily reduced compared to many other surveying companies. Even though we have established an efficient on site method of data collection, we also ensure superior accuracy of scan alignment and survey data. Once this data is processed and placed in it’s correct positions it can be used for various forms of analysis:

An accurate laser scanning survey can be used as a Condition Survey or building record. by using the full colour capability of our laser scanners we can create a much more comprehensive record of a building or monument. Not only is the colour point cloud we produce perfect for extremely accurate measurements but the package we deliver saves analysts many hours as the data is extremely logically presented in easy to use walkthroughs and 360 degree panoramic.

SolidPoint have purchased the latest in Laser scanning technology allowing us to capture accurate measurements over 100m away at a rate of nearly 1 million readings per second! This makes Rights to Light is the perfect subject matter for a Laser Scanning Survey, as it is possible to accurately survey the surrounding context of a given site in a short period of time. The resulting point cloud data can then be used to create 3D digital models in a range of formats for further analysis.

Buildings can be accurately and efficiently measured by a laser scan survey. Thanks to the developments in laser scanning technology and good research and testing of on site methods; it is now possible to capture a full measured building survey at a similar cost to traditional surveying methods. Not only does laser scanning bring a cost and time saving benefit,  the intricate detail captured completely obsoletes previous methods of building surveying.

Example of Colour Laser scan data
Laser Scanned Site Survey
Colour 3D Laser Scan Data in London