About SolidPoint

The History of SolidPoint

SolidPoint was established in 2014 by James Pegg. James has served over 15 years in some of the UK's largest Architectural Design and Surveying companies, working on projects such as airports, schools, hospitals, factories and residential housing. He set up SolidPoint to fill the need of a specialised laser scanning to BIM survey provider, realising that traditional 2D surveys just didn't serve the needs of the current working methods of Designers today.

In a short period SolidPoint have built a reputation of being the go to specialists for providing information using Laser Scan Data (or point cloud) that can be worked into a BIM workflow, working on projects such as City Hall London, Castle Hall Leicester, Coventry and Derby Hospital, Gatwick and Luton Airport and various Hertfordshire schools. In each and every project utilising Point Cloud information within Revit to provide a wealth of information that most of our clients didn't think was possible.

Solidpoint now consists of a small team of specialist Revit Technicians/Surveyors who have been trained in the Methodologies developed by James. We have a policy that the person who produces the Revit Model has to be the lead surveyor on site capturing their own information using laser scanners and total stations for accurate survey control. This ensures that the surveyor is familiar with the real environment of the digital BIM ready model they create. All of our Revit Technicians are skilled Content creators, meaning that if there is a bespoke window, door, or other architectural detail that needs to be included they can produce the Revit Family also making it fully parametric for future use. This means that all of the Models we produce are done so natively in Revit ensuring that there are no "dumb" imports and that the model is completely intelligent and editable.

We strive to push the limits of the technologies currently available to provide the best quality of point cloud alignment and accuracy of survey data, while still developing efficient workflows so we cause as little disruption as possible to our clients on site. We have developed various methods of surveying inaccessible areas using laser scanners, even to the point where we work with electricians to remove light fittings that provide an aperture just begin enough to squeeze our laser scanner through, surveying areas which would be impossible to survey traditionally.

We are based in central England in Derby which gives us quick access to the major cities anywhere in the UK that has the need for Measured Building Surveys, especially if they want to adopt the use of Laser Scanning and BIM ready Revit Surveys.  We average collecting 120 scans for a days work on site where most scanning survey companies are only able to collect data from 30-40 scan positions, this means that not only can we comfortably compete with them but we can also compete with surveyors who would only offer a traditional 2D survey.

If you aren't familiar with laser scanning surveys or BIM workflows Please feel free to get in touch as we enjoy guiding our clients through the use of point clouds in Revit and Recap, our advice is always free and generally welcomed by our clients to push their projects in the right direction from the offset. If you have a project where you think an accurate Laser Scan Survey or Scan to BIM Revit Model could prove useful please feel free to contact us for a free quotation. Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Laser scanning surveys to create Point Clouds
  • Point cloud to mesh conversion for 3D printing
  • Point cloud to Revit conversion for sites, buildings, monuments etc.
  • Full measured building surveys including floor/ceiling plans, sections and elevations
  • Laser scanning for as-built Checking for PAS 1192
  • Bespoke Revit Content Creation
Building Information Modelling from 3D laser Scan Data in Revit
Revit Model with point cloud data.
Laser Scanning Survey of City Hall, London