Point Cloud Collection and Extensive Survey of Oakham School

Back in July SolidPoint were invited down to Oakham School to survey the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, surrounding buildings and nearby public house, The Odd House. We spent 3 days on site collecting data; including a range of coloured, black and white scans, topography data and 360 degree images. It was essential to communicate to the owners/residents of the buildings and coordinate when we would need to access necessary areas.

The specification outlined the areas that were required from us and to what level of detail the client needed. A full internal survey was required of the two larger buildings on site, where as the surrounding buildings only required us to model the external elevations.

Revit Survey of Part of Oakham School Grounds
Ariel view of the site as a whole.

We created a point cloud from the scans collected on site and used that to create the 3D Revit model. We worked to a +/- 15mm tolerance throughout the entirety of the project. Every asset within the project was created bespoke for these buildings, all families are able to flex and stretch to fit within the tolerance outlined in the specification. We split the project down into several Revit project files, linking all the files together into a main site location file. This was the easiest way of working so that a couple of us could work on each building on individual projects.

Below is a quick fly around video of the site in its entirety. Please comment below or get in touch with us if you have any further questions regarding this project or any of the services we offer.

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