Pears Hall of Repton School, Derbyshire

Recently, we worked with a regular client to survey Repton School, a local private school. With the site being local, we were all familiar with Repton and excited to be working on such a prestigious building. The end goal for our client was to receive an accurate 3D Revit model that could be used for the usual planning permissions of repurposing the building. However, the goal was also to be as detailed as possible so that they could create a fly-through video demonstration of their proposal.

  • Revit Survey of Pears Hall, Repton
  • Pears Hall
  • ReptonSchool-PointCloud2


We own and used a "Faro Focus 3D X 130" laser scanner on this project. All information from the site was collected in 1½ days and it took an additional 1½ days to collate the scans to produce a point cloud. A final 12 days were spent on producing a 3D Revit model with a tolerance of +/- 15mm. After the first days of scanning the building, we did not have to return to the site because we were thorough with regards to the detail we collected on the first visit. We covered 515m² internally and we collected approximately 1200m² of reliable scan data of the surrounding area.

The Challenges

This survey and 3D model were especially challenging because of the extent of the details required by the client. In the image below, you can see all of the internal roof structure. With the age of the building and the construction methods used at the time the hall was constructed, the trusses and supporting beams are all extremely detailed. We spent approximately 2 weeks on this project and the majority of time was spent creating bespoke intelligent families that could be stretched and flexed to fit the differences of each asset.

Revit Model created from point cloud of roof structure at Pears Hall in Repton


Overall, Pears Hall was a very enjoyable project to be involved with and I feel a personal pride in being able to help produce plans for improvement of such a well-established school in Derbyshire. We hope that our client was satisfied with the Revit model and that they are able to use it to produce their demonstration video as planned.

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