Hotel Wentworth in Perth, Australia – Existing Revit Survey from Point Cloud

SolidPoint were recently approached by the Australian company Land Surveys as they had special requirements for a BIM ready 3D Revit Model. We were excited about this opportunity as it gave us many channels to further develop ourselves as a company. However, there were obstacles to be faced that were unlike what we had experienced in other projects. When we faced these new issues, we were able to develop effective and innovative solutions to overcome them.

The Challenges

One restraint that we faced in working on this project was that the time difference between the UK and Australia is a full working day, which meant the time frame that lined up for us to communicate was very short. This led us to being very coordinated and organised at our internal office. We kept track of all questions, issues, and concerns so our manager could relay these messages to the company at each morning meeting using VoIP.



The Project

Since Hotel Wentworth was a large project with such a short deadline, we needed more than one person working on the model at a time. We integrated the use of Autodesk's software A360 Collaboration for Revit so that we could have many people in the office working on a part of the project at once. At the end of each working day, we would publish our project so that the version on the cloud was as up to date as possible. This added value to our services from the client's point of view as they had access to view the progress we were making and voice any concerns. Collaboration in this sense helped the morning meetings immensely as the project could be opened in both UK and Australian offices to discuss future actions.


Hotel Wentworth was built in 1928, without the technologies and standards that we have in construction today. When working in Revit, we like to establish a project north based on the orientation of the building's grid. In a modern build, you would expect to find that most walls are perpendicular or parallel to that main structure and this makes keeping to the project tolerance a more realistic goal. With this project, we had a generous tolerance level of 20mm+/- to work with as the walls deviated in many cases.



Land Surveys provided us with an excellent point cloud survey using techniques that we would have implemented ourselves. The detailed point cloud enabled us to model every asset listed in the specification to the correct level of detail. The on-site surveyors took many photographs in and around the hotel so that we had a brilliant reference and a second way to view the building. Alongside these tools, we were provided with Leica's TruView so we could view the scans in a 360° view from the individual scan positions much like with the ReCap Realviews that we provide clients.

We are very proud of what we have achieved for the Hotel Wentworth project. We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Land Surveys and look forward to working with them and other international companies in the future.

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